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 TTCI Case Study: Flying Probe versus ICT 

We've recently started our collaboration with a niche customer whose main area of expertise is the thin film interconnects. They challenged us to test a very special product, a high net count wafer.

Due to NDA restrictions we can't show images but we can tell you that there are over 15,000 test pads on a disc with a diameter of approximately 6".

We took the challenge - after all, a very special project takes a very special team with high-end equipment. 

We decided to use our Seica Pilot V8 to perform the required tests.

After a lot of preparation and careful setup we managed to perform the tests with high accuracy and repeatability.

It's our strong belief that technological progress can be made only by continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and by innovative thinking. 

We've performed a case study to help our customers identify when to decide for Flying Probe Testing or In-Circuit Testing based on the production volume.

Let's take a typical example: a regular PCB, with 700 nets, 950 electrical components, most of them SMD, with only 250 test pads and 500 vias (top and bottom), giving a total net coverage of 87%.

For the case described in this article, a production volume of 1317 boards represents the crossover point, below that quantity the flying probe testing becomes more efficient than in-circuit testing.

One might argue that the crossover point is artificially determined; that is correct.

It will move a little higher or lower depending on the prices and costs involved, but the conclusion of this article is that the flying probe testing is a much more time and cost efficient solution than the ICT if we are talking about low production volumes.

You can see the complete study here


The Test Connection Inc. (TTCI) can save money and time for you with one of our professional services. Quality test engineering solutions with complete documentation allow our team to support needs from the earliest design stages to test development to testing of your product. 

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TTCI has been supporting the electronics test arena for over three decades by offering printed circuit test solutions. Our services range from: In-Circuit Test (ICT) development and board testing services for Keysight (Agilent) 3070 and Teradyne (GenRad) TestStation/GR228X test systems, Flying Probe development and board testing services on our Digitaltest MTS500XL and Seica Pilot4D V8 flying probe test systems, Boundary Scan Test Solutions with the XJTAG and Keysight (Agilent) x1149 systems and Functional Test Solutions with the TS-5000 & TS-8900 PXI based systems and custom benchtop ATE.





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